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Hybrid Tennis International, LLC
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The First Annual Myrtle BeachTennis Cup took place on November 19, 2011. The Teaching Pros from Grand Strand area competed against each other in a North versus South Duel for a Hybrid Trophy. The North team won 3-2. Special thanks, to all the sponsors, players, referees, volunteers, and all tennis enthusiasts for making the first Dual Surface Event in the United States so successful.
Although there are many different formats of playing Tournaments, Special Events and Exhibitions on a Dual Surface we are currently focusing on the following four areas: Hybrid Format 1 The players are playing matches or pro-sets switching sides just like in a regular tennis event. This format determines which players are the best all around. They need to be able to adjust to playing on a different surfaces very quickly, be versatile and creative have incredible technique and be extremely mentally tough.Hybrid Format 2 The players are playing their entire matches or pro-sets staying on their favorite ends.In this format "The Surface Specialist" get to compete on their best surface throughout the tournament. The powerhouse players get a chance to display their arsenal of weapons in their best setting.Hybrid Format 3 The players get to play a set on each surface, however if a third set is needed to complete the match the players get to switch sides just like in a regular tennis match. In this format, the players explore the full spectrum of the game, and get a chance to show what they are really made of.

Hybrid Format 4  (The Hybrid Choice)
The players who win the toss, decides which format, one, two or three, he or she would like to play on. The receiver decides whether they want to choose to serve, receive or choose the side they would like to play on

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The court is located at 3833 Socastee Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
Next to Glasstec and the Rat Hole Bar. 
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